We are not the largest wholesale supplier of electronic goods and games in Europe.

But we’re probably one of the fastest developing ones. We have our own wholesale and retail trade points, an online shop and a warehouse with transport organised to deliver everywhere in the world. In 2014, we have increased employment by 50%, and the number of branches by 300%.

Such a dynamic growth results not only from favourable and flexible cooperation terms we offer our clients, but above all, from our vast experience in wholesale trading, reliability and passion. These are the reasons we recruit employees well, always fulfil contractual obligations and our offer is tailored to the needs of specific clients.

This is what our clients value most about us. This enabled a supplier of Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo games, accessories and consoles to transform within 7 years into an all-round wholesale supplier of electronic goods who trades in electronic equipment of such brands as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Canon or Nikon.

In other words, though we started as AllGame, and this is the official name we go by, we have been operating as Allelectronics.

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